Windows 8.1 Pro Features That Can Make Your Life Easier

07/01/2014 07:18

Are you looking for an effective plus more efficient alternate of old version of MS Windows, encountering frequent systems crashes, hanging problems, less virus protection, few built-in driver support, dull and boring graphical interface etc?. There are also several different varieties of versions with the operating system you can aquire depending on the amount of money you have, and also the features you need. 


Even whenever your hard drive crashes, the device image could be restored to a different drive. However, it really is recommendable that you can save the look to an external drive or possibly a network device in place of DVDs. Instead of hitting an application, all you need to do is put your cursor over it to watch a smaller window to determine whether you wish to open the folder you aren't. 


Windows 8.1 Pro Ultimate also permits you to connect to corporate networks easily and comfort with Domain Join. Therefor Windows 8.1 Pro is not just a better performer plus much more user-friendly than Vista, but additionally has newer and more effective glossy features that you can check out below:. Another interesting feature that Windows 8.1 Pro includes is Windows Live Essentials. It's entirely your final decision whether to result in the docs shared or permit them to private. Moreover, with all the 'read only option' you may make other people only to read your stuff without tampering.


Windows 8.1 Pro Home Premium: Home Premium is made for personal users and includes features like the Windows Media Center, Windows Aero and Multi-touch. You can transform your mouse-operated-pc in a touch-screen gadget, by simply having compatible hardware, taking your user experience on the next level. VAN: This feature may seem a complex one, nonetheless it a whole new sort of virtual network, that's all. The beta version is actually quite sticking. It features a Siamese fighting fish, also known like a betta fish. Pun intended; yes Microsoft designed a joke.


Windows 8.1 Pro has reduced the startup period of windows significantly. The redesigned task bar also permits the rearrangement of task bar buttons. Windows 8.1 Pro 's aero effect is a lot more magnificent plus it has collision effect, water droplets effect and plentiful desktop gadgets. you'll be able to pin your program icon towards the taskbar, so it'll remain there all the time until you move it. You can even pin specific documents and websites to Jump Lists in your taskbar. 

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